Cutting, Banding & Rolling

Cutting, bending, and rolling services are metal fabrication processes that involve shaping and forming metal materials to create custom parts or products.

Cutting services involve cutting metal sheets, plates, or bars into specific shapes or sizes using various cutting methods such as plasma cutting, laser cutting, or waterjet cutting. These cutting methods offer precise cuts and can be used on a range of metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper.

Bending services involve bending metal sheets or plates to a specific angle or radius using a press brake or other bending equipment. This process allows for the creation of customized shapes or parts for various applications.

Rolling services involve shaping metal sheets or plates into cylinders, cones, or other curved shapes using a rolling machine. This process is commonly used in industries such as HVAC, aerospace, and construction for the creation of pipes, tanks, and other curved components.

Cutting, bending, and rolling services can be performed by metal fabrication companies that specialize in these processes. These companies typically use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure high-quality results and can work with a range of metal materials and thicknesses.

Overall, cutting, bending, and rolling services are essential metal fabrication processes that allow for the creation of customized parts and products that meet the unique needs of various industries and applications.